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    On our first full day of ILTACON 2019, we are excited to forge ahead with our new Strategic Relationship Program by adding an additional two partners to our team: Relativity   and   Intapp   With ...

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    We use Alex Napolitano. The company is Cloud Grid. Based in Miami. He handles all of our Cisco equipment. Phones, routers and firewall. His number is (305) 570-2865. ------------------------------ Jeff ...

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    The Tax Accommodation Subcommittee of the LEDES Oversight Committee has posted proposed changes with respect to two standards projects and is looking for feedback from legal professionals.   Project ...

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    We typically use a partial Start screen layout (see docs reference) . The important part is to modify your exported .xml with the <DefaultLayoutOverride LayoutCustomizationRestrictionType="OnlySpecifiedGroups"> ...

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    I have never tried this on existing profiles, but when using an .xml file, are there any errors in the event logs?  Maybe the issue is with the construct of the .xml and not the application method?  Just ...

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    ​We use www.r-u-on.com service for small stuff and Constellix Sonar for production sites. ------------------------------ Max Agamir Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley Chief Information Officer Redwood City ...

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